THE PROBLEM of Advertisers:

Intransparencies & Non compliance BUT 100% legal liability

Intransparency - Insecurity icon

Intransparency - Insecurity

Usage right negotiations and legal chains have become increasingly intransparent due to digital disruption influencer, content marketing etc.)

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Massive losses due to intransparency and number of intermediaries (not considered potential re licensing or penalty payments.

Complexity / Intermediaries icon

Complexity / Intermediaries

Intermediaries (creative agency, social media agency, influencer management, licensors XYZ etc.) increasing / complex types of usage rights

Non compliance icon

Non compliance

No auditing processes & market benchmarks exist to ensure cost efficiency, legal conformity and maximized ROI for advertisers


360 Audit Services on license/usage/IP rights, delivering…

ROI increase on your usage rights


  • Massive cost reduction (average 30%)
  • Massive performance increase (average 20%)
  • Tender support / supplier pooling

100% security & compliance


  • Transparency on license rights legal chains
  • Full legal compliance and risk reduction
  • Legally proof framework with licensors and suppliers


Our 3 Dimension Approach

Success Cases

Our Mission:

Most trustworthy benchmarks to quality price, quality and conformity of usage rights.

We help advertisers to gain the level of transparency and efficiency over their usage rights investments that they require and need, not what their supplier and licensors are willing to provide.